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ProductHow to replace the pot


How to take out the pot

1. Stop operating the machine and wait for the pot to cool completely.

2. Hold the pot and turn it clockwise slightly.

3. Hold the pot with both hands and pull it out in the direction of the chest.

How to attach a pot

1. There is a groove in the bracket of the pot. 

2. Align the fixing bolt and groove of the motor with the pot. 

3. Rotate the cauldron counterclockwise so that the fixing bolt is in the correct position. 


※ If the cauldron fixing bolt is not in the correct position, the cauldron may fall out while using the product, causing injury or burns.
※ If you shake the pot too much while removing or installing it, it may damage the motor.
※ If the pot doesn't fit or fall out properly, do not force the pot in or out and contact the customer service center.

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